Latest Projects

As Emily Dwyer has reached out to the nearby villages, she has encountered numerous congregations and home groups who are embracing Messianic Judaism and are thirsty for truth. Acts for Messiah serves as a resource center and a place the pastors and leaders of these groups can look to for instruction and teaching.

Butiro Uganda Project

As result, we have become connected to these groups, and it is our responsibility to guide and assist them to the best of our ability. One current project-need that Emily hopes to gather volunteers and donations for is the construction of a simple mud hut to provide shelter from harsh weather conditions for a home group in Butiro, Uganda. Supplies such as polls for the frame, a tin roof, and other construction materials are not cheap, and someone needs to build it once everything is gathered. To financially contribute to this cause, and provide a roof over the heads of our brothers and sisters head to the donate page.

New Property Expansion

Besides the regular tending of the gardens, and occasional household repairs, Emily Dwyer and the children have some ambitious plans for expansion. The current piece of land we own is already covered with the home, shelter, and synagogue and there is no room for expansion. When guests visit, the boys often have to sleep in the designated office or other unconventional places. Nearby, however, is a lot at least twice the size of the current land, with only one house on it. For many years, Emily Dwyer has prayed for room to expand the organization and better provide housing and room for guests and her boys. By the grace of God, the owner, who plans to sell it, has offered the property to Acts for Messiah before putting it on the market. Although no official talks have taken place, Emily hopes to be able to raise the needed $45,000 dollars to purchase the land and further expand the organization. To aid the expansion of this organization and further establish our presence in Uganda, head to the donate page