Help further their education

The LORD has helped ACTS for Messiah through Emily to teach Torah to more than 20 children who have lived in her home over the past seventeen years. Through the many generous sponsors, we've also been able to give them an academic education. We have two young people who are looking to further their education. To do so, we need your help.

Omali Stanley appointed head prefect


Funding Project - Transportation

In Tororo, independent transportation is a necessity for a mission home. Relying on rides from boda bodas (motorbikes) and taxi drivers is unpredictable, expensive and dangerous. Small trips can take hours, and boda boda accidents are frequent.


Letter from the girls

Below is a letter written by the three girls of the AFM home - Anna, Leah and Mary (as pictured in the photo from left to right) who have learned how to use the computer.


A Tororo Sabbath

Friday is a day of preparation in the Acts For Messiah home. Before the sun sets and the Sabbath peace settles over Tororo, there is cleaning, shopping and cooking to be done.

Emily Dwyer returns to Tororo

Missionary Emily Dywer holds a rooster.

ACTS for Messiah missionary Emily Dywer is returning to Tororo, Uganda this Janurary after her visit to the U.S. along with board member Jeanette McCauley. 

Goretti's Restaurant: Funded

Baruch Hashem! ACTS for Messiah is pleased to report that the funding goal for Goretti's restaurant project has been met. A young single mother of two, Goretti has struggled to support herself and young children. Now, she will be able to begin to sustain herself and provide an education for her children. Thank you to all who contributed to this endevour, may the Lord bless you. 

Support Goretti

Goretti is a young Ugandan mother. Hardly able to support herself, she is raising two young boys while caring for an HIV positive cousin.

Since the father of her boys left, Goretti has struggled. She wants what any mother would want. To provide her children with a good home and an education. Even though her son Daniel excels in his studies, he is unable to continue in his schooling.

Between Daniel and the classroom is the cost of a pair of shoes and a school uniform.

Messianic Youth Conference

ACTS for Messiah children attended a messianic youth conference in early January.

Describing the four day experience as some of the best days of their lives, the ACTS teenagers attending the messianic youth conference participated in fellowship with messianic congregations in Uganda. 

Olinga Gilbert Elected as Guild President.

Olinga Gilbert and supporters celebrate victory

In early December, Olinga Gilbert (one of ACTS for Messiah’s boys) was elected to the prestigious position of Guild President at the international Cavendish University. To Gilbert, who is studying Social Economic Science, the election and subsequent victory came as a surprise.

“Becoming a Guild President of an international university where 90% of students are foreigners had never crossed my mind,” Gilbert said. “This was the work of HaShem.” Gilbert only found out he had been nominated into the election after he returned from a week of field work in North Uganda.