Omali Stanley appointed head prefect


Stanley is one the young men in the AFM Tororo home. Stanley came to the home about 10 years ago at the age of eight or nine when a local pastor found him on the streets of Tororo abandoned, frightened and hungry. The pastor took notice when Stanley picked up a UGx 20,000 bill and returned it to the handicapped man on the street near him who dropped it. This was a remarkable act of honesty. The pastor took Stanley to Emily Dwyer, told her Stanley’s story and the act of honesty he observed, and Auntie Emily took him into her home.

Stanley is now about 19 years old and going into S-6 at St. Lawrence High School. His scores from S-6  will determine if he can proceed to the university. If Stanley does well in S-6, both his S-5 and S-6 grades will be used as his first year of study at the University.

This year Stanley was appointedassistant prefect by the faculty and principal of St. Lawrence High School. Typically, this is an appointment made after a student applies and campaigns for the position. Stanley did not apply or campaign for this leadership position because he wanted to focus all his energies on academics. His academic goal is to score well at the S-6 level, be accepted by a university and select studies that will assist him in finding employment after he graduates.

Early in 2014, Stanley had an interview with the principal who inquired about the leadership and athletic recognition he received from Kisoko High School.  Stanley demonstrated leadership abilities at Kisoko and was a top athlete for the school. When Stanley did not apply for the prefect position, the principal called him to his office to ask why. Subsequent to that discussion, the principal, faculty and staff agreed that Stanley would be appointed to the position of assistant prefect. As it turns out, the young man appointed head prefect was not polite and helpful to the student body.  He did not have the confidence and support of the student body and was removed from the position by the principal and faculty.  As a result, Stanley was made Head Prefect of St. Lawrence High School for 2014 and 2015.

As the prefect for St. Lawrence, Stanley will represent the concerns of the student body to the principle and faculty. He also must serve as an example to the student body in all areas – academics, athletics and social activities. He must be a strong leader, capable of teamwork and problem solving, while at the same time balancing his leadership time with his academic studies.

Stanley gives all the glory to HaShem for this leadership opportunity. He told me students from East Uganda at St. Lawrence are very unpopular with the wealthier children from other parts of Uganda. The fact that he is an orphan from East Uganda would add to the unpopularity. But, not so for Stanley, as his is well liked and respected by the student body, the faculty, staff and the principle.

Stanley wants to thank all the sponsors of ACTS for Messiah for their prayers and donations. Without your support he would not be in a school, nor have the opportunity to demonstrate this type of leadership.


- Jeanette McCauley