Our Purpose

The Torah of Moses and the instructions of our Master Yeshua instruct us to open our hands to the poor and not hold back from providing for the needy. As disciples of the Master, it is our duty to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability and to meet the need where it is greatest. Tororo, Uganda, like many other locations around the world, is subject to harsh poverty, low quality of life, and often a dangerous environment to live in, especially for the young.

This results, however unfortunate, in a prime location for ACTS for Messiah to carry out the will of God and care for those who are unable to care for themselves. One of the top priorities is the nurturing of the youth, often orphans or abused children, cast out onto the streets left to fend for themselves or die. Through an orphanage managed by Messianic Jewish missionary Emily Dywer, ACTS for Messiah has taken in a multitude of lost children, given them a safe environment to grow in, provided an education by paying for school fees, and given them a vision of the future and a realization of their potential.

In addition, Emily has provided ministry to local congregations who are searching for truth and through miraculous situations end up in contact with Emily. ACTS for Messiah is a beacon of light in a tumultuous place of darkness, providing shelter to the destitute, and truth to those who seek it.