Prayer Team

Contribute to the work of ACTS for Messiah by joining our prayer team. Follow the link to recieve prayer requests from Emily and the ministry directly to your inbox.

Check this page for recent prayer requests posted by Emily Dwyer and the children in Tororo.

Tawujla Betrothed

Acts for Messiah needs to raise a several thousand dollars for the costs associated with the betrothal and marriage of Tawujla. Pray that the LORD will be pleased to provide the neccessary funds.

Tragedy in Uganda, Activist Mudered

A twenty-four year old woman who was a close friend of the boys in the ACTS for Messiah home and very active in fighting governement corruption in Uganda and a great advocate of the poor was killed last week (Dec 9-16, 2012). Several of the boys are attending her funeral today (Dec 19, 2012) and helping settle affairs in her village. Foul play is suspected. The boys are heartbroken. Emily requests prayers for the boys' protection and consolation.

Tawujla to be Betrothed

ACTS for Messiah alumni, Tawujla, who helps manage affairs in the Tororo home, is ready to negotiate the bride price for a young lady he hopes to marry. This is the first AFM marriage from the first crop of boys raised in Emily's home. Pray for successful negotiations and a miraculous provision of funding to meet the demands of the bride price. 


  • Pray for Emily while she is home on furlough, visiting Messianig congregations
  • Pray that the LORD grants Emily abundant opportunities to connect with Messianic congregations in the US
  • Pray that the LORD raises up teachers assist in the teaching of Torah and Messianic Judaism


  • Pray for funding to purchase adjacent property in Tororo
  • Pray for adequate funding for childrens' school fees


  • Pray for his healing from Typhoid.
  • Pray for good health for his family people.


  • Pray for the economy of U.S.A
  • Pray for my university tuition fees.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


  • Healing from flu and Malaria.
  • Pray for his family's good health.


  • Pray for provision and protection for her mom.


  • She calls upon everyone to pray for her so that she passes her exams so well.

Nangoli Robert

  • Pray that he successfully gets a job.


  • Pray for wisdom for school going children.
  • Pray for healing of his sickness (Caesar)


  • Pray for his mom's good health and financial support.

Isaac (Salvation Army)

  • Pray for the funds for completion of the storied building
  • Pray for success in his education.